The corona pandemic situation has been hovering on our heads for three to four months now and the lockdown has forced everyone to stay in their homes and practice social distancing. With lockdown, almost all businesses got closed but with the ease of lockdown, many of them are resuming business now. Chris Michael, being a top-notch magician and corporate party entertainer, has performed all over the world but with the strong enforcement of lockdown worldwide, live shows had stopped and he had been performing at virtual events and Instagram live feeds since then. Almost all the magicians had been engaging and entertaining the audience via zoom magic shows and virtual shows but Chris Mike has really gone out and taken the step to perform at a live show a few days ago.

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Are you also one of those magicians who really want to perform at a live magic show but are reluctant because you don’t know how the audience will react? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Magicians from all over the world are stuck in this dilemma and are confused about whether they should keep on performing virtually or should they really jump ahead and start booking live shows. All of your worries are just but Chris Mike is here to address all of your fears related to performing at live magic shows. As a corporate party entertainer, Chris has lots of experience in the field of entertainment, and being one of the first magicians to perform at live shows, he will be sharing lots of tips that will help you decide if you want to perform at live shows now or not. So, let us have look at what Chris has to say about performing at live shows.

Know the Audience

Since live shows involve interacting with the audience and engaging with them, so it is very important to know your audience. As you will be doing your first live show post-quarantine, it is important more than ever to know about your audience. As a trade show magician, you should know that either your audience is comfortable mingling with someone from the outside or not. But this shouldn’t be a big problem as they have invited you to your home and they must be comfortable with the whole idea of a magician performing at their event. In the event where Chris performed, people were quite comfortable with him and were even shaking hands. So, it is a must to let your audience tell you what they want and how they want you to proceed, and then you should plan your event accordingly.

Ease the Audience

zoom magic shows

Attending an event straight out of quarantine can be an awkward situation for many people. People may act weirdly and it is possible that even you may feel slightly uneasy performing live as a corporate comedian after such a long time. Take your time easing the audience into your show so that they can properly enjoy it and have a memorable time.

Less Touching

As the coronavirus pandemic is not completely over yet, so it is important to make sure that you take safety measures. In live shows, a corporate magician usually mingles with the audience and touching becomes unavoidable as well. So Chris says that you should try performing those magic tricks that do not involve much touching or you can also change those tricks a bit so that touching becomes a little less. Find some other ways to interact with your audience and plan the show in a way that engages the audience and make them forget about the whole COVID-19 situation.

Manage In-Person Timing

According to Chrismike, this is also a very important factor that you must focus on while performing at your first live show after quarantine. It may be possible that after so many months of not performing at live events, your magic can go a little rusty. But don’t worry about that because even if you are an excellent corporate comedian, it will take you some time to get back in form. Also, during quarantine, magicians like Chris have been doing virtual magic shows and getting live on Instagram. Such performances require fast actions which may cause some time mismanagement at your first post quarantine live magic show. So, do give these factors a thought and plan accordingly.

According to Chris, it is imperative that you work a little bit on your social skills due to the lack of live shows during the lockdown. He also thinks that it looks like during the next few months, small shows are going to sell more so focus on providing value to your clients and let them know that you are there to turn their small gatherings and events into memorable moments.


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