With a worldwide coronavirus outbreak, many nations implemented a complete lockdown while others enforced standard operating measures for safety against the virus. This disturbed the lives of many people as the businesses had to shut down, offices had to close and people had to stay inside their houses to stay safe from the virus. Many industries and corporate sectors suffered and one of them was the entertainment sector. With people thinking of unique ideas to keep their businesses going, Chris Mike also did something that was appreciated by many. Kivo Daily which is a global digital media and a brand-building company has praised the efforts of Chris Mike for utilizing the online space in the best way during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another top-rated magazine the New York Weekly has also complimented Chris Mike in their article describing how he is bringing joy to people by the use of his social media.

New York Weekly Telling about Chris Michael and His Use of Social Media

Sarah Marie writing for New York Weekly has termed Chris Mike as the best magician of his generation. At the age of just twenty one Chris Mike has established a million-dollar business by performing for leading companies. He also performs for high-class people and celebrities and top-rated brands across the nation. With his amazing magic techniques and comedy, he has made many events remarkable and memorable for his clients and audience. Sarah writes further that as Covid-19 disturbed the lives of many, Chris was also a victim but he adopted unique methods that proved to produce great results for him. The following are some things for which he was appreciated by New York Weekly:

  • Chris decided to bring his magic tricks online so that people can enjoy his magic shows online by staying inside their homes. Chris was also appreciated for his great use of social media, and how by performing his shows online, he gained a lot of followers.
  • Chris collaborated with top-rated social media influencers and celebrities that made a huge impact on thousands of viewers.
  • Chris markets himself as Mentalist Magician on social media and his performances make sure that he leaves his audience spellbound.
  • Due to the Corona pandemic, Chris had to cancel hundreds of his shows but this didn’t stop him. He still has gained a lot of success and is still moving further towards success.

Kivo Daily Talking about Chris Mike and His Online Performances

Writing for Kivo Daily, Tyler Penske has termed Chris Mike as the best performer and entertainer for a gathering. He says that Chris delivers a top-quality performance with a great energy that doesn’t bore anyone.  With Covid-19 having a big impact on everything and everyone, Chris found a unique way of entertaining his audience by creating a digital space. By the use of social media and other online platforms, Chris worked very hard to gain more fans during the pandemic. Kivo Daily further praised Chris Mike for the following things.

  • Chris made good use of his huge fan following on Instagram and marketed the names of various brands online by collaborating with them.
  • Chris made himself a huge name in the digital entertainment industry with his fascinating Instagram live shows.
  • His Instagram live magic shows are unique, brilliant, and are watched by millions around the world.
  • By his amazing online performances, he’s the online active magician who’s still gaining more fans during the pandemic.


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