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Virtual Magic Show - Chris Mike an Online Magician

Hosting events and entertaining your audience was a lot easier before COVID-19. It was all about regular gossip, stage performances, and simple tricks. However, now these things seem impossible. You are probably worried about how you will entertain your audience virtually? How will you grasp their attention? Stop thinking about all this stuff, and let me handle all the tricky parts of your virtual corporate meeting and seminars with an enthralling magic show.

The need for entertainment remains the same while achieving the level of satisfaction through online entertainment is low. With me, things are different as you won’t face any disappointment. Grasping your audience’s attention and making them participate keenly is not difficult, as I have been doing it for years. By adding my virtual magic show to your meetings and events, things automatically get exciting and fun.
I am an expert in entertaining and fascinating my audience with my one-of-a-kind magical tricks. My state-of-the-art techniques to perform online magic are the result of my passion and utmost determination to make everyone laugh and awed. My experience has also helped me perform the most interactive magic shows where everyone is an active part. Get in touch with me if you want to make your virtual event an unforgettable one.

Chris's magic has been seen on 4 national TV Shows and has over 10 million views worldwide. Currently, he is one of the busiest performing virtual magicians and you can see him perform live by clicking one of the social media links below.

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Keep Your Audience Engaged with Some Wicked Entertainment

Want your audience to be on the edge of their seats? Looking for good laughter? Then allow me to be your virtual magician for the next event. Let everyone know that they are going to have a blast, and I’ll make sure that their minds will shake off in amazement. I am aware that keeping everyone at the same pace is crucial to make any event successful. With zoom magic shows, it gets trickier, which is why I help the participants engage with each other to recreate the feel of physical performance. I’ll make sure that all of your team members feel valued and regain their motivation. With every new show, you’ll get to witness my mind-reading skills amusing magic tricks.

Interactive Virtual Magic Shows with World-Class Tricks

A magician is a person who makes meetings and events interactive, but how can one do that virtually? I know so many of you have this question in mind. Let me make it a bit simpler. A real interactive magician is the one who does not only perform in front of the screen but also makes the participants interact with one another.

Through my interactive magic techniques, I don’t remember failing to involve all the participants in my performances. My shows include activities that make every attendee of the virtual meeting or event interact with their fellows. If you have experience conducting virtual meetings that didn’t go well, call me and see how your virtual event becomes a hit.

Virtual Magic Show

The Good News Is:

Chris Michael Has Helped Hundreds of
People Just Like You Host Jaw-dropping Virtual Events

*Click here to see a Chris Michael Virtual Event In Action*

Does this look like everything you want in your next virtual event? Contact us today for a free planning meeting where Chris will hear all of your virtual event worries and work with you to knock your event out of the park. AND YES, ITS ACTUALLY FREE. Like, you know, FREE free.

Chris is one of the biggest magicians on social media having gained nearly 100,000 followers from his virtual shows alone!

Do you want to see Chris performing his mind-blowing magic tricks right on your screen? Catch him live on Instagram and enjoy an interactive session with him full of entertainment, fun, comedy, and of course, magic.

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Chris Micheal

Chris is truly a Master Craftsman at his Skill. We will definitely be hiring him again

Johnathon SEvent Planner

“So much fun for my staff!”

Julia T.Communications Manager

“Chris is incredibly helpful and just what we were looking for.”

Carissa B.Conferences & Events Specialist

There is a reason Chris is one of the top corporate entertainers. When he performs, it’s obvious.”

USA Today--

“Impressive Marketing Mind and Performer.”

New York Weekly--

“Chris Michael is Nuts! So much fun.”

LL Cool J

“We are big Chris Michael Fans. This guy knows how to win a crowd!”

Adrian PetersonPlayer

“The life of the party. We are so impressed.”

Mera AConference Organizer

“Chris helped our event have the ‘it’ factor.”

Greg M.Reporter

“The Highlight of my agency's holiday party!”

Laray D.Department of Defence Operations

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