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Staying in and working from home is now the new normal after the pandemic has hit us. While everyone is quarantined and locked in with no fun and entertainment, Chris Michael Entertainment brings something extraordinary for your personal and corporate events. I understand that you had to cancel a lot of your plans due to the current situation. Staying home doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Hit me up if you want to experience the best virtual magic shows that will leave everyone appalled.

I have been the choice of many event organizers for performing virtual shows during the whole pandemic because I leave no promise unfulfilled when it comes to entertaining the audience. So, what are you waiting for? Get everyone together for a zoom magic show during your corporate meetings and seminars to give a boost to your employees’ productivity. Whether you are looking for an online magician for a personal event or to add hype to a company event, you’ll find me at a call’s distance.

How Does a Virtual Magic Show Works

Believe it or not, magic shows on Zoom don’t suck. It is a way of bringing people together from different parts of the world, and letting them feel like sitting in the same room. Distance is only a matter of miles when you get all the amusement you need in front of your screens.

When you hire me as a virtual magician for an individual, corporate, or family event, the setup is pretty simple. Just make sure that all the participants have laptops or computers with Zoom software installed and a stable internet connection. Virtual entertainment shows work similarly to the way your corporate meetings and seminars are held. I’ll send everyone an invitation link for the show that means they are just a click away to enter the world of amazing illusions and mind-tricks.

Many people are still rigid about the idea of how a virtual magic show can beat the heat of a show performed in front of a physical audience. If you are one of these people, then be ready to get your mind boggled by witnessing my online magic tricks.

The best part about zoom magic shows is that:

  • Everyone gets to participate
  • Everybody feels seated in the first row
  • You get to learn some tricks as well
  • You can arrange one for any occasion
  • Increased engagement
  • Give a sense of connection during this time of distancing

Chris's magic has been seen on 4 national TV Shows and has over 10 million views worldwide. Currently, he is one of the busiest performing virtual magicians and you can see him perform live by clicking one of the social media links below.

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A Promise of Quality Entertainment

One of the major challenges every host is facing during this COVID-19 pandemic is to keep the guests entertained. The chances for entertainment are getting slim, and it is getting harder for everyone to maintain their sanity. Everything is shifted online, which means no parties, no events, and no entertainment shows. Trust me; this is not the case as long as you are a real fun-chaser. I promise to convert your online events into a mind-blowing experience for everyone. An experience that will stay with the attendees for longer than you expect.

With extensive practice, I have become skilled at the art of making any live magic show flawless. You won’t have a single guest feeling ignored or unamused by the magic displayed in my highly interactive shows. Every person watching the live magic show on Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams will be free to engage and interact with me. I bet you, call me for a zoom magic show, and you will see jaws dropping and eyes teary with laughter through my sleight of hand tricks. No matter if you want to promote a brand or just looking for a way to motivate your employees with some freshness, I’ll scale my show right according to your requirements.

Making Every Online Event Amusing And Worth Remembering

If you are in charge of planning a worthy entertainment event for your employees, make the best out of it by making the right choice. I can assure you that no one among the audience will zone out during the show. I believe interaction is the only way to make an online magic show a real success. This is why making the environment friendlier is my priority as it leaves a long-lasting impression on all the guests. Everyone will participate in the magic tricks, especially when it is time for mind-reading and card tricks.

1. Online Magic Show

If you are in charge of planning a worthy entertainment event for your employees, make the best out of it by making the right choice. I can assure you that no one among the audience will zone out during the show. I believe interaction is the only way to make an online magic show a real success. This is why making the environment friendlier is my priority as it leaves a long-lasting impression on all the guests. Everyone will participate in the magic tricks, especially when it is time for mind-reading and card tricks.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Magic is an art of skillful deception, and I have gained expertise in it by continuous practicing. Let me show up on the screens of your team members, and I am sure they are not going to go offline until the show is over. The satisfaction of my audience is something that I never put at stake. Rest assured that your event will be on the next level leaving all the viewers happy, satisfied, and refreshed.

3. A Real Treat for Everyone

When you are looking for a zoom magician who can bring your teams, families, or friends together on their screens, you deserve a professional. I have been showcasing my talent on some renowned TV shows that make it legit for me to say that I can turn your ordinary event into a fun-ride that no one would want to end. You can reach out to me for any occasion like birthdays, work meetings, team meetings, seminars, and wedding ceremony magic shows. I’ll be glad to offer you a free consultation for planning out the event just the way you want.

Why You Should Consider Me over Others

  • Author of Lights Camera Magic
  • Trusted by America’s got Talent, AMC, TruTV, and Prime Video
  • Over 10 million views
  • Almost 1, 00,000 followers
  • Free consultation and event planning
  • Free quotes

Chris is one of the biggest magicians on social media having gained nearly 100,000 followers from his virtual shows alone!

Do you want to see Chris performing his mind-blowing magic tricks right on your screen? Catch him live on Instagram and enjoy an interactive session with him full of entertainment, fun, comedy, and of course, magic.

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Lights Camera Magic

Chris is the author of the best selling guide to virtual entertainment.

After becoming one of the first virtual performers during the at-home age, Chris quickly rose to the top of the virtual market. Many performers sought after Chris's techniques and ideas after hearing all the buzz around the companies who invited them to their virtual events and thus Lights, Camera, Magic was born!

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I book Chris Mike Virtual Magic Show?

You can book the services through Contact form on the website as well as via call and email.

Where Can I watch the magic show?

You can book a private virtual show on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other online video calling software that your company uses. If you want to see some exciting videos of me doing magic tricks, check out my Instagram page.

Is the show suitable for the family also?

Yes! All the shows are completely family-friendly and appropriate for every kind of audience.

How many people can I have on show?

You can have as many people as you want on the show if you book a private show on Zoom.

How much does a virtual magic show cost?

It depends upon the time and nature of the show. The money would never really be a problem so you’re open to discuss your budgets and get a quotation. You can get a free quote by giving me a call directly.

Is the show also corporate friendly?

Yes! I also do corporate and fundraising shows for corporations and non-profit organizations.

How many people are allowed to watch simultaneously?

As many people as you want. For a private virtual show, there is no limitation for the number of audiences.

What type of tricks can we expect?

I will do Mind reading, dangerous stunts, and hilarious comedy. One thing to remember; Zoom shows are not like watching shows on TV or YouTube. Every Single Person in the show has a major role and participation during the show which makes it unique and exciting.

What platform do you use for the show? / What are the other virtual apps you use for the show?

I preferably use Zoom for providing Virtual Magic show services but I can do shows on Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and other apps as well as per your requirements.

What are the payment methods / how do I pay for the virtual magic show?

I can accept payments through PayPal, Credit Card, Venmo, Stripe, Cash App, Zelle, and Square as well as Cash and Cheques.

Is there any cancellation policy?

The deposits made after booking the show are non-refundable in any case. But if you cancel the show after a deposit, you will be able to book the show anytime during the next 12 months (As per my availability) using the credit balance against your deposit.



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Chris is truly a Master Craftsman at his Skill. We will definitely be hiring him again

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“So much fun for my staff!”

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“Chris is incredibly helpful and just what we were looking for.”

Carissa B.Conferences & Events Specialist

There is a reason Chris is one of the top corporate entertainers. When he performs, it’s obvious.”

USA Today--

“Impressive Marketing Mind and Performer.”

New York Weekly--

“Chris Michael is Nuts! So much fun.”

LL Cool J

“We are big Chris Michael Fans. This guy knows how to win a crowd!”

Adrian PetersonPlayer

“The life of the party. We are so impressed.”

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“Chris helped our event have the ‘it’ factor.”

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“The Highlight of my agency's holiday party!”

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