Chris Mike has brought live magic shows that will fill your lives again with the colors of happiness and laughter.

Chris Michael

If you recall the days when the lockdown was at its peak, people were stuck in homes and rarely went out. It was a very scary situation when no one was allowed to go out because it was not safe. But now the major outbreak is over and everything is getting back to normal. The entertainment industry is back again and Chris Mike has brought live magic shows that will fill your lives again with the colors of happiness and laughter. Chris Mike, the most popular fun mentalist and magician is once again doing live magic shows with so much more fun and magic. However, the pandemic situation is not fully over yet, which is why social distancing is fully observed in all of his live magic shows. As we are returning to our normal routine, you can welcome your employees at work with some entertainment and fun. Hire Chris Mike as your next corporate event magician in order to reconnect your workers with each other while practicing social distancing. Some benefits of Chris Michael’s socially distanced shows are.

SOPs will Be Strictly Followed

Chris Michael cares about his audience which is why, in the COVID-19 pandemic, he prefers to follow the SOPs issued by the government. In all of his live shows, social distancing will be fully practiced and all the SOPs will be strictly followed. Some safety measures which are carefully observed in Chris Michael’s live shows are:

Use of Masks and Hand Sanitizers

Keeping the audience safe and healthy throughout the show is Chris Michael’s first priority. In all of his live shows, the use of proper filtered masks is mandatory. Nobody is allowed to enter the show without wearing a mask. Moreover, hand sanitizers are provided to each and every attendee before entering.

Social Distancing

corporate event entertainer

Arrangements are made to maintain a proper social distance. People are seated at a distance of 2 meters from each other in order to maintain the element of social distancing.

Disinfectant Sprays

Before the show, the whole area is cleaned and disinfected with antibacterial sprays. Disinfectant sprays are available and everyone is sprayed before entering and leaving the show.

Temperature Measuring Device

The body temperature of each and every attendee is measured with a proper temperature measuring device. Any person having a higher body temperature than the normal one is not allowed to enter.

The importance of SOPs cannot be neglected during the current pandemic which is why the above mentioned steps will be carefully taken during all the live shows. Chris Michael loves his audience and their health is his topmost priority.

Non-Stop Fun and Entertainment

For many months this pandemic has frustrated people and disturbed them mentally. But now when the situation is under control, Chris Mike, your corporate event entertainer and magician is back on the stage with amazing magic tricks. Have Chris Mike at your corporate event and add something magical into the daily boring routine of your employees. Attending Chris Michael’s live magic shows will surely release the stress of your employees and help them to get back to their normal routine once again.

A Much-Needed Relief from a Stressful Period

People have indulged themselves so much in work that it is affecting them badly. Continuous struggle and work from home for the last six to seven months has frustrated them which has somehow decreased their productivity level drastically. Hire Chris Mike as your corporate event entertainer if there is no more fun and entertainment left in your lives. Your employees deserve a break from this tough schedule and this break can be given to them with a live magic show. Live magic shows are a positive way to relax one’s mind from the daily hustle and bustle. One should definitely avail this opportunity to cope up with the challenges of the tough time everyone is facing nowadays.

No doubt that the virtual magic shows were the new hype during the lockdown, but one can never compete with live magic shows. Hire Chris Mike as your fun mentalist and magician and fill your life with happiness and magic where social distancing will be the core element.


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