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Chris Michael

Entertainment Expert

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The Core Frustration

Hey Nicole do these sound familiar?

– You spend tons of money on food, decorations, and games, but the guests never get out of their shells.

– You are afraid that you might not think of something unique and engaging that EVERYONE will enjoy.

– The internet has offered tons of ideas and options but you aren't sure which direction to go.

Your Birthday Solution for February!

Imagine your guests laughing until they are in tears and cheering each other on as if one million dollars was on the line. How much of a genius would you look like for creating that?

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Chris Micheal

Chris is truly a Master Craftsman at his Skill. We will definitely be hiring him again

Johnathon SEvent Planner

“So much fun for my staff!”

Julia T.Communications Manager

“Chris is incredibly helpful and just what we were looking for.”

Carissa B.Conferences & Events Specialist

There is a reason Chris is one of the top corporate entertainers. When he performs, it’s obvious.”

USA Today--

“Impressive Marketing Mind and Performer.”

New York Weekly--

“Chris Michael is Nuts! So much fun.”

LL Cool J

“We are big Chris Michael Fans. This guy knows how to win a crowd!”

Adrian PetersonPlayer

“The life of the party. We are so impressed.”

Mera AConference Organizer

“Chris helped our event have the ‘it’ factor.”

Greg M.Reporter

“The Highlight of my agency's holiday party!”

Laray D.Department of Defence Operations

Celebrity Magician

Who knew that as a magician I would be here to assist people like you! Growing up, magic was my passion and all I ever thought about. Now, I get to use my passion to help you achieve your event goals as well as speak to some of the top companies around the world about how market themselves in creative ways and grab as much attention as possible.

Equipped with the experience of attending more than 1,500 events, I know that we would make a great team! Playing big and encouraging others to do so keeps me going stronger than ever before.

Who This Program Is For

(And Who It’s Not For)

Chris Michael is for

Those looking for something unique and exciting.
People who want their event to come to life and be energizing.
Someone who is willing to work in a team and learn how to
throw the best event imaginable
Those who don’t settle for anything other than the BEST.
Anyone who wants to make planning an event as easy as can be.

Chris Michael is not for

Those who want to keep their party the same as its
always been.
Those who are looking for a cliche magic show.
Anyone who is looking for the cheapest option.
Someone who doesn’t want their organization to
get attention..