When hosting a corporate event, you definitely consider booking a corporate magician. What is the purpose of incorporating magic into an event?

Magicians often hear from their clients that they want every guest to have fun. For this purpose, magic is extremely crucial. There is an element of uniqueness and exception associated with magic. In the end, it turns out to be the most entertaining and memorable event. Our magician, Chris Michael explains the purpose of magic in this podcast. To understand what the magic is for, and why it is crucial for a corporate event, let’s hear from Chris!

To Entertain the Audience – That’s How Chris Started

“At the baseline level, it is to entertain,” says Chris Michael. Chris initiated his career believing that the eventual purpose of magic is to entertain the audience. Magic is, in fact, the best form of entertainment. A magician is a skilled individual who can do stuff that others can’t, and this excites the people. The anticipation and desire urge them to stay focused and see exceptional tricks being played in front of them.

Amaze the People – Not Just Deceive Them

The purpose of magic is not just to fool people and deceive them with unbelievable stuff. Corporate magicians like Chris come up with customized routines. When you hire a magician for your corporate event, you discuss your objectives. Chris learns and understands those objectives, and in the end, he ensures to fulfill them. He has every trick in his book ranging from strolling magic to stage magic. Then, he can display his mind-reading skills. When the event is done and dusted, the guests are happy; not just amazed by the magic. They are thrilled after witnessing such a magical performance all the way.

Keep the Audience Engaged- Your Ultimate Purpose at Every Corporate Event

A perfect corporate event should end with the audience remaining engaged throughout the event. Chris believes that magic is the only form of entertainment that can impress the audience. According to Chris “Magician requires the audience to work. Without the audience there; it is just a movie. Magical things happen in the movies all the time, but you are not blown away by them.” Magic can connect and engage people since it is pretty hands-on. Chris performing at your corporate event will make sure to interact with the people to make them remember the event. Moreover, he can perform unbelievable tricks, and “if you have not seen them before, you’ll definitely remember it”. Says Chris!

Why You Should Hire a Corporate Magician for Your Event

  • Mind-Blowing Performance

The purpose of hiring a corporate magician is to create a connection between you and your audience and keep them entertained. Someone like Chris can deliver a mind-blowing performance to achieve this feat. He can perform ice-breaking activities to bring your guests to a different social level. He can go table to table to display some tricks that blow the minds away. Then, he can suddenly get on the stage and get the attention of every guest. So, you must hire a magician for your next corporate event to let your employees, stakeholders, and their families have a lot of fun.

  • Make the Event Memorable

Hiring a corporate magician is the best way to make your event special. He makes sure your event turns into an entertaining show. He can make people talk about your event. In a way, it can promote your organization. You ideally want people to remember your event, and this in turn, improves your reputation as a company. People create memories at your event, and since you hosted the event, your business will benefit from that. “A lot of magicians say that they will make your event memorable, and this is basically true” saus Chris! These magicians know how to bring unforgettable moments at your event.

The Specific Purpose of Magic at a Corporate Event – “Boost the Audience” As per Chris!

Chris explains his specific purpose of magic in the podcast. Since he is aware of the corporate environment, he knows how to entertain and get the workers involved. They do repetitive tasks at the workplace, and they are often fed up with that. There is an innate desire to experience something new. When magic is performed in front of them, this is something they have never seen before. Specifically, Chris can come up with tricks relevant to their company culture and job. This is a perfect way to boost the audience that includes such workers who necessarily need to experience this amazement and excitement.

Chris Michael’s Comedy & Magic – Ideal Fit For Your Corporate Event

A corporate magician like Chris Michael is a perfect fit for any corporate event. He has the skills to inspire reactions and emotions at the same time. When you have your workforce present at the event, it is essential to entertain them so that they get back to work with more positivity and concentration. A magician can entertain them, not just by magic; by his comedy skills as well. He can help your workforce have more focus and work on the skills. And, this is the ultimate purpose of magic at a corporate event!

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