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Chris is an overall great entertainer. He not only speaks to the crowd as a whole but also gets to know individual viewers and creates an unforgettable experience. He always brings a smile on everyone’s face and is truly a nice person on and off the stage. He is a true celebrity magician. I can’t wait to see him again!

Anonymously Ace ASMRLocal Guide

Chris Michael is an incredible magician as I've seen. He's beyond professional not only during the event, but before and after as well. Chris hasn't done several hundred shows for no reason. Each time I see him perform, it blows me away.

Taylor Quesenberry

We were so lucky to have Chris Michael on our company's event. Famous magician implemented his mystical talent for our corporate party last week. Between his dynamic personality and his professional disposition,

Laurie-Lee MuellerOffice Holder

Chris is an AMAZING entertainer for kids and adults!

Hien LeOffice Holder

We hired Chris for our annual awards ceremony. He delivered a mind-blowing magic show. The way he engaged our employees and guests was pretty impressive and entertaining. The entire staff of Wealth Association was amazed by his incredible

Wealth Association

Chris Michael is the real deal. He wowed a group of 50-shades-of-gay male senior citizens at an outdoor venue with his humor, enthusiasm, charisma, and fast-paced show. People's jaws dropped as he performed close-up tricks for small groups and even more so for his significant effects.

Maria Joseph

Chris was able to turn the dynamics of the event upside down. He saved my coworkers and me from embarrassment. I would rate him a 5-star for the quality of entertainment.

Eric Teran

Chris Michael did a fantastic job. We hired Chris for our wedding party to walk around and entertain our guests during the cocktail hour. I (as the groom) unfortunately did not get to meet Chris myself because I was tied up with pictures during the cocktail hour

Fred Berthelot

Chris was amazing. His personality is perfect for his profession, and he is a genuinely talented magician. I 100% recommend him for any event you may have as I know him well. He will definitely wow the crowd with elegant, magical tricks.

Marianne Opilla

7 months ago-
We know that five stars are not enough to rate the event that our group experienced last evening. Chris exceeded our wildest expectations with a magical and outstanding performance, which we will be talking about for a long time

Katherine Skinner

Chris was AMAZING!! We were happy with our decision to have him be a part of our daughter’s birthday celebration from the moment my husband and I decided to hire him until the end of the event. My husband’s exact words, “worth every penny!”

Iyana Shink

7 months ago-
Chris is a brilliant magician who entertained us with his magic for our last two company holiday parties. It’s a big hit, but he handled it efficiently. I was delighted to see how Chris engaged all the guests professionally

Sara Manners

Chris Michael did an awesome and mind-blowing job. A brilliant magician who fully fascinated all of our guests at their tables throughout the show. Would definitely recommend and book again. He was very friendly and polite. Chris Michael is a very accommodating magician and just a pleasure to work with him.

Caroline Nguyen

One of the best magic shows I have seen in my life. His unbelievable magic acts impressed me that I can’t express my feelings. There were lots of giggles and smiles, and everyone was entertained. I would like to hire him again!! Thanks

POLAROID Corporation

We had Chris at our party and he proved himself a great entertainer. He is reliable, affordable and timely. All the guests were so entertained. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a magician and entertainer

Barizan College

A perfect choice. We hired Chris and we were actually surprised how good this guy is! He got all the audience mingling and made sure everyone in the party was entertained and amazed with his mind-blowing comedy magic. Highly recommended

Swipe Impact

We hired Chris for our annual awards ceremony. He delivered a mind-blowing magic show. The way he engaged our employees and guests was pretty impressive and entertaining. The entire staff of Wealth Association was amazed by his incredible

joy chris

We hired Chris for our company’s event last week. He proved himself a great entertainer. He is a great master of his arts who exceeded our expectations to entertain our crowd with wonderful magic. His funny magic tricks kept my staff both entertained and engaged throughout the show.

Atlas Brew



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