Chris Mike delivers interactive, world-class magical entertainment shows for your team meetings, corporate events, and virtual family gatherings across a variety of platforms including but not limited to Zoom, Microsoft teams, WebEx or Google meet, etc.  Revitalize and motivate your team members or connect with friends and family through a magical splendor brought by your enchanting host.


How Does a Virtual Magic Show Work? 

‘’Virtual magic shows bring people together’’

It’s not a rocket science. These shows are easy to organize virtually via any video conferencing platform as mentioned above. You can watch your colleagues and friends laughing through their screens and can enjoy their reactions without leaving the comfort of your home.

Virtual magic shows provide an opportunity to bring joy and a sense of affinity in the times of social distancing. Even when the pandemic-related restrictions don’t stay in place. Still, you can’t have your every friend and relative physically present with you whenever you like. In a modern age people tend to work across states, countries, or even continents. So a virtual show will bring them all at one place to laugh and enjoy together.

Likewise, if you want to organize a corporate event, it’s harder to persuade your employees or clients longer than working hours or to come over a weekend for the show. However, a virtual event can provide them the opportunity to get connected while sitting in their sofa or couch at home.

Is it like watching a magic on TV or in person?

It is much more than that. Chris engages with his viewers in a highly interactive manner. Some of them will be used as volunteers and he can read their minds through the screen via mentalist feats. It would be both surprising and exhilarating for the participants. We set up several camera angles to give you feel like sitting on a front-row seat while watching a live show in person.

Virtual-Magic-showWhat kind of events and age groups the show is suitable for?

Chris Mike plans his shows in a way that charms and captivates the attention of every age group, whether it’s teenagers, adults, the elderly, or anyone. People from every walk of life feel highly amused by his magic tricks and illusions. This is like saying ‘one show fits all’’.

How Chris is different from other magicians?

Chris Mike turn your virtual events into once in a lifetime experience with his spectacular skill and mastery over sorcery. He has unrivaled command over magic, illusions, mentalism, mind reading, and hypnosis. He has vast experience and proven skill of producing stunning and captivating digital performances.

He fosters a bonding of digital connection between his viewers by immersing them in a hilarious and unforgettable virtual magic session. When it comes to magic experience, Chris is a leader in world of digital entertainment. With multiple pricing options, we work with our clients to meet their needs for a virtual magic show.

Here is the proof. *

Top reasons why virtual magic shows are the perfect mode of entertainment?

Build comradeship in your team members

If you are hosting a corporate event then it will be highly beneficial in building a stronger social bonding between your team members. Invite their families all along and it will boost their morale and productivity too. They will develop a strong connection with you because of a joyful and memorable event.

It’s a form of entertainment everyone enjoys

Not everyone is a fan of loud music or bend towards dancing on the floor. Especially kids and elderly. The virtual magic event can be enjoyable for every type of person. Besides they don’t have to sit still and feel drowsy. Interactive nature of these shows will keep them awake and alert by making them participate in the activities as well.

Virtual-Magician-on-zoomYou don’t need to leave your comfort zone

Some people are inherently lazy. And when it comes to join friends or family for any fun activity. They back off the first. Because they find it intimidating to take time out after a tiring routine, dress up and go out. Therefore it’s an ideal chance to stay wherever you are and join an event with your loved ones and team members without taking any hassle.

How much does a virtual magician cost?

We work with you to meet your needs. We customize magic show according to the requirements and offer a varied range of packages to suit everyone.

What is virtual magic?

It is a form of illusions, magic tricks, and mentalism being performed via video conferencing tools for viewership attending it virtually.

What is a virtual mentalist?

Mentalism is a performing art known for its development of highly advanced mental and intuitive abilities. A magician or performer presenting mentalist tricks is a virtual mentalist.

How do you do Zoom magic show?

We send you the link to join a virtual meeting on Zoom, you click it and join it, simple. Or else if you provide us a link of your meeting, we will join it from our side. You just need to have any gadget like a phone, PC, laptop, or tablet with a stable internet connection and don’t need any other preparation.

Zoom magic shows are in vogue

Before March 2020, nobody has imagined attending conferences and shows virtually as a norm. However, it turned out to be and many employers opted for this trend to diminish zoom fatigue created by decreased physical contact with the outside world. They started hiring virtual magicians to keep their workforce motivated and high in morale. 

Some of these magicians were phenomenal and jaw-dropping in their performances as if you are watching them in person. Therefore the world of virtual magic shows is born and continuously flourishing. Coming years will vouch for it even when the pandemic is over. Because many companies have a national or global presence and have a workforce scattered around. So these online magic shows will bring them together with a single zoom platform. 

How is the Zoom magic show different from a Youtube video?

There is a striking difference. A youtube video is not interactive whereas an online magic show is at least 50 percent interactive and the rest is a stand-alone show of tricks. Participants will get to take part, and the magician keeps on chatting and cracking jokes with them. These things are not possible in a Youtube video, where a viewer can feel bored quickly due to its length and lack of participation. 

Moreover, a magician is able to create a show customized according to your group and company. They can research your core values and add ingredients accordingly to make it more fun. They can even add your logo into their show so by no means a Youtube video can be of comparison. 

Furthermore, people already feel frustrated and bored with lengthy lockdowns and isolation periods. They all need some laughter therapy to recover from the depressive episode that entire mankind has experienced one way or another. A zoom magic show will add some brightness to their lives so they resume living as normal as before.