The pandemic has turned the world upside down with the surprising speed of virus spread, financial downfall, and effects on the industries globally. A lot of businesses had to shut down while others shifted to remote work. Luckily, we have almost overcome the situation and coming back to move and work without masks. 

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Chris Mike continued to motivate people by keeping the spark alive through his magic shows. He was among the first few zoom magicians to have introduced virtual magic shows. Unlike other magicians who were only skilled in close-up magic, Chris Mike has changed the perception that magic is only for the stage. 

Chris Mike is an experienced in-person magician who has marked his reputation by performing magnificent tricks and illusions on national television. After his stage and television success, he took a step ahead, and now he is the busiest online magician. 

Prepare Your Mind To Get Boggled!


Chris has never failed to astound his audience by taking them on a roller coaster ride filled with surprises and laughter. His illusions are always immersive and mesmerizing that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, intrigued for more to come! He never got into a flash, whether it is about his dexterous hand movements during card manipulation or making objects disappear in front of your eyes. In short, Chris Mike is more than just an Abracadabra magician!

Exceeding Your Expectations Every Time With Laughter And Excitement

In a virtual magic show, the audience only shares screens with the magician, making it difficult for him to keep everyone engaged. Chris Mike knows that interaction is the key to make any show a blast. He builds such a strong connection with all his spectators that everyone feels like sitting in the same room even when they are not.

On the other hand, close-up and in-person shows give more space and ease to the magician for building high energy levels among the onlookers. The best thing about booking a show with Chris is that you get a smooth and seamless performance regardless of the platform provided. So expect more than your expectations and sit tight when Chris Mike is here to entertain you. 

Why Hiring Chris Mike Is Worth Making Your Events Successful 


If you want to witness some extraordinary magic and thought-provoking mind tricks, Chris Mike can make your wish come true. With his splendid skills for increasing audience participation through comedy, he leaves everyone enthralled with a range of magic shows designed for every event. Following are the multiple shows you can book with just a call!

Virtual Magic Shows

When we say that things are slowly getting normal, it means they are still progressing.  Most states such as Florida, Texas, and Georgia have gone mask-free, and there are no strict rules on wearing masks. Schools, offices, public sectors, and other industries are out of the lockdown stage. However, some states are still observing strict SOPs and lockdown. For people still working from home, Chris Mike has something for you! 

You can make your boring meetings and seminars more engaging by scheduling a zoom magic show. Not all magicians carry a magic wand and wear long hats. Some just conjure such impressive tricks and illusions that you can’t help but let your jaws drop. This is something common when Chris is performing a virtual magic show. He is one of the most renowned virtual mind readers who never fails to win hearts and minds!

Corporate Magic Shows

A corporate event magician will steal the show with his extraordinary performances for multiple venues and crowds. Whether you want your employees to have fun or booking a magic show for promoting your brand, Chris Mike has a show for all! He specializes in interactive close-up shows, stage shows, and online magic. His performances are always fun and engaging so that the audience will rave about them for weeks.


Running a business and promoting your brand is no less than magic, but if you add some real magic to your next event, the results will be amazing. If you are looking for a professional magician for corporate events, hire Chris Mike and see your brand message and goal get absorbed by everyone more effectively. Being an experienced corporate mentalist, Chris has exceptional ability to make your guest believe in unbelievable stuff. 

The best part is that every show will be prepared according to your needs. When you call Chris, his team will cooperate with your event planner to adjust the time and slot for the act. 

Magician For Birthday Party

If you are looking to hire a magician for a birthday party, Chris Mike is the one to call. He offers a family-friendly birthday party magic show to make your little ones engaged. He always has some unique and entertaining acts to rock your kid’s birthday by making them the star of the show. Rest assured, the show will be designed according to the age group so that the kids can have some crazy fun, non-stop laughter, and a boost to their energies. Get in touch to plan your customized event today because you’ll not find a better birthday party magician nearby!

Magic Shows For Charity

Chris has performed for many talent show fundraisers both online and on television. He has around 10 million followers worldwide and has performed on national television shows such as America’s Got Talent and Tru TV. If you want to add some fundraising entertainment for your next charity event, Chris Mike is your go-to person. He will raise the bar high with his jaw-dropping performances, ultimately raising more money for your charity event. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interactive Magician For Your Next Event

Good magic is something that can leave anyone spellbound and awe-struck in the moment, even after it is over. While we have a lot of entertainment means around us today, magic shows retain their position because magic can create fascination and gives a kick to the creative side of the spectators. If you want to make your event innovative and memorable, you should consider hiring an interactive magician like Chris Mike. Doing so will add the following factors to your event. 


Increased Audience Engagement 

Whether it is a corporate magic show or a private party, your guests need to feel valued. An interactive magician can engage everyone among the audience to increase the show’s wow factor. He will not only break the ice between him and the audience but also among the audience. Your guests will be stunned and amazed by how well a magician can blend sleight of hand tricks and comedy in a fun way. 

Interaction Leading To Interest Building

Another important thing is developing interest in the spectators. Close and in person magicians can quickly draw everyone’s attention. However, a real magician will maintain the same level of interest among the audience, even in an online magic show. Most magicians have faced this issue during the pandemic that they couldn’t grasp the audience’s attention during zoom magic shows. On the other hand, Chris Mike has made a mark in the industry by giving spectacular online performances. 

Customized Performances For Every Event

Different types of events have different requirements. For example, a birthday party magic show will be poles apart from a corporate or VIP event. Interactive magicians and mentalists understand this and design their performances according to the scenario. The show will be performed considering the age group, the event’s goal, and your specific needs. 

Brings Diversity In The Forms Of Entertainment

Magic itself is intriguing, fascinating, and engaging. The scope that a magician has with his tricks is endless. So, if you are hiring a magician whose tricks are limited to the house of cards, the rabbit, and the hat, you have got it wrong! Magic is an artistic form of entertainment that can put a smile on everyone’s face by playing with minds. A professional magician will know how to make his performances diverse by adding new and unique acts. 

Suitable For Every Age Group

No one says no to a magic show, and when it merges with some tear-jerking comedy, things get electrifying. However, every age group has a different level of interest and understanding. Chris Mike focuses on creating a show for every age group so that the tricks become more captivating for the audience. 


Call Today For Booking!

Chris Mike has proved that no event, meeting, or seminar has to end up boring. So, if you want your attendees to keep asking for more entertainment, he is the right man to call!

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