Frequently Asked Question

How do I book Chris Mike Virtual Magic Show?

You can book the services through Contact form on the website as well as via call and email.

Where can I watch the magic show?

You can book a private virtual show on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other online video calling software that your company uses. If you want to see some exciting videos of me doing magic tricks, check out my Instagram page.

Is the show suitable for the family also?

Yes! All the shows are completely family-friendly and appropriate for every kind of audience.

How many people can I have on show?

You can have as many people as you want on the show if you book a private show on Zoom.

How much does a virtual magic show cost?

It depends upon the time and nature of the show. The money would never really be a problem so you’re open to discuss your budgets and get a quotation. You can get a free quote by giving me a call directly.

Is the show also corporate friendly?

Yes! I also do corporate and fundraising shows for corporations and non-profit organizations.

How many people are allowed to watch simultaneously?

As many people as you want. For a private virtual show, there is no limitation for the number of audiences.

What type of tricks can we expect?

I will do Mind reading, dangerous stunts, and hilarious comedy. One thing to remember; Zoom shows are not like watching shows on TV or YouTube. Every Single Person in the show has a major role and participation during the show which makes it unique and exciting.

What platform do you use for the show? / What are the other virtual apps you use for the show?

I preferably use Zoom for providing Virtual Magic show services but I can do shows on Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and other apps as well as per your requirements.

What are the payment methods / how do I pay for the virtual magic show?

I can accept payments through PayPal, Credit Card, Venmo, Stripe, Cash App, Zelle, and Square as well as Cash and Cheques.

Is there any cancellation policy?

The deposits made after booking the show are non-refundable in any case. But if you cancel the show after a deposit, you will be able to book the show anytime during the next 12 months (As per my availability) using the credit balance against your deposit.

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