Entertainment is the key to the success of any event – whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or a corporate event. Especially when we talk about events like a trade show, keeping your guests entertained and fully engaged is a rather daunting task which is rarely achieved. So, if you really want to make your trade show a success, then hiring Chris Mike as your trade show magician is the best way to stand out.

When thinking about the type of entertainment while hosting a trade show, people usually have one objective in mind. It should be effective for the cause yet should not be boring at all. Musical entertainment has served us quite well for the better part of the century but it is not as captivating as it used to be. Therefore, hiring Chris Mike as your trade show magician will expose your audience to something new and will keep their interest in your show for good.

Chris Mike is not only a dynamic trade show magician but is known to have a beguiling effect on his audience, making sure to drive tremendous traffic to your booth. Chris is known widely for his amazing magic tricks that leave people spellbound and wanting more. When hosting a trade show, one of your sole concerns must be to leave an ever-lasting impression on your clients. Chris with his naturally gifted charm and superb magical tricks entices the audience and get them to hear your brand’s message loud and clear.

If you are wondering why Chris Mike and not any other magician? Then let us share some of the amazing characteristics that set Chris apart from other magicians and trust us, there is a whole lot of them.

Trade Show Magician

Helps Create Memories

Chris not only performs magic tricks to captivate his audience but grabs their attention as well with his ability to mix comedy and magic together. The event is made more memorable when he engages the crowd by involving it in his magic tricks. He is the best trade show magician DC there is and is known widely for his charming nature and skilled tricks. Chris’s audience not only enjoys his tricks to their hearts’ fill but go home with lots of happy memories. Hence, leaving a lasting imprint of your brand on each and every one of your audience.

Creates an Atmosphere

An entertainer who creates the atmosphere to his/her own will has a much better chance of engaging the audience. Chris believes this which is why he infuses his own touch to each and every trade show he performs at. Being a trade show magician Washington, Chris is well aware of the ways he can engage that particular audience with his magic tricks. His constant interaction with the audience keeps their interest and creates a buzz that pulls out a burst of laughter from everyone.

Focuses on Promoting Your Business

Chris makes sure to plan an event that is highly entertaining yet promotes your business as well. He makes sure to drive a massive crowd to your booth so that your business receives a good exposure at the trade show. With his amazing blend of magic tricks and charming nature, he makes sure that your brand’s message reaches out to everyone and is fully understood by them.

Helps Create Bonds

A trade show is not usually exciting but a skilled trade show magician like Chris Mike not only makes it exciting but an absolute hit as well. He, with his unique magic tricks creates a shared experience for everyone which brings people together. The awkwardness between strangers is soon turned into a series of laughter and smiles. Conversations start flowing making business and entertainment go side by side.

Trade Show Magician

A Master of the Element of Surprise

Who doesn’t like surprises? In fact, they keep people on their toes and rooted to the edge of their seats. His tricks are always new and totally enthralling which he presents with a great deal of expertise. The uniqueness of his magic tricks keeps in the element of surprise and keeps the curiosity level of the audience up throughout the entire show.

Extraordinary Charm

Chris Mike is not only a skilled trade show magician but his natural charm makes him the life and soul of an event. His charm when combined with magic tricks creates one of the best sources of entertainment that is bound to turn your trade show into an exceptional one.

So, call us now if you want to book Chris Mike for your next trade show and spice it up. A huge success and a happy audience is surely guaranteed that will not only make your trade show a hit but will create an ever-lasting impression of your brand on the audience.


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