Live entertainment can prove to be a great idea if you are planning to arrange a corporate party for your employees, business partners, and associates, as an event everyone can network and enjoy. Adding live entertainment greatly increases the retention of your guests. People who attend such an event enjoy it immensely and look forward to this kind of entertainment again when the next corporate event is held.

Live entertainment can be in many forms. You can hire comedians to do a stand-up comedy show, stunt performers, dancers, singers, and much more. But one of the most acquired live entertainment is that of a magician and a mentalist. Hiring a Washington DC mentalist and magician has many cons, and we will discuss some of them down below:

Live entertainment with a corporate mentalist is different

corporate mentalist

Most of the corporate event activities consist of cocktails, dinner, dessert, a couple of speeches, and that pretty much winds up the event and everyone leaves. It is surely boring, repetitive, and everyone expects a corporate event to flow in the same slow flow. But if you add the unexpected twist of a live performance by a corporate fun mentalist magician DC, it just elevated the atmosphere of your event and changes the pace. This tactic makes sure that your attendees remember the event for a long time.

Corporate fun mentalist magician DC brings people together

corporate mentalist

Live entertainment has many benefits, and one of them is that it has a wonderful ability to bring people together. It is extremely beneficial if you are trying to engage people and have them network with each other to maintain and create good relationships within the corporation and with business partners and stakeholders. For example, corporate mentalist can read the minds of the audience and present in an entertaining way, which works as an excellent ice-breaker. Often, the performer conducts activities in which the whole crowd participates. This forms a sense of camaraderie in the group that works great to bring people together and form better relationships. These mentalists are experts in bringing people together in ways that are fun, interesting, different, and exciting, and much different from anything you may otherwise witness.

It helps with the schedule

Organizing and managing a corporate event is hard. You have to maintain the performances while preparing for other activities as well at the same time. So wouldn’t it be nice to have an hour or more to yourself so that you can easily prepare for the activities that come ahead and coordinate with the staff easily? Running around all night is not an easy task, but the break provided by the performance of a corporate mentalist can give you the time out you need to maintain the decorum as well as your energy for the long night.

Get to know the Mentalist

Technically, a mentalist is a magician who performs tricks of the mind. They usually specialize in connecting with the audience through a conjuror’s form of psychic entertainment and mind reading. Mentalists value audience engagement. In fact, their whole performance depends upon direct audience engagement from the start to the finish. This way, everyone gets involved in the fun in a friendly and completely professional environment. Mentalists never mean to embarrass people, in fact, the notion that a mentalist can make a person do silly stuff is absurd. Rather, they focus on audience connections and forming a camaraderie.

They’re not like regular magicians, which means you won’t see a man pulling out a rabbit from his hat. The mentalist will literally read minds and tell people what they’re thinking, aspects about their life, like the type of car they drive, which school they went to, and little intimate details. This aspect makes the corporate fun mentalist magician DC enticing and exciting to see when he performs because the focus of these performances is on the audience. This makes his live performances worthy because the person who attends them leaves the venue feeling excited, important, and has a tale worth retelling. So when you are looking into live entertainment options for your next corporate event, consider all the benefits of hiring a Washington DC mentalist and magician and then choose.

Chris Mike the corporate mentalist

Now that you know that hiring a corporate mentalist doesn’t go in vain, you can consider one of the most talented mentalists in America. Chris Mike has performed all over America for many corporations, organizations, celebrities, families, school events, and much more. Mostly known for his charismatic personality, Chris fits perfectly in a corporate environment organized to impress the attendees. As a Washington DC mentalist and magician, Chris can make your event most memorable by ensuring that he engages with each and every person in the audience, no matter the size.



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