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Chris Michael

The Comedy Magician and TV Consultant

From Never Sitting Still as a Child to Performing Around the World.

Chris Michael has taken the country by storm.

At just 21 years old, the corporate event and Trade Show Magician, Chris Michael has done two national tours, consulted for Americas got talent along with various television shows and has become one of the most successful performers of his generation. Having performed over 300 shows a year, he’s now the Corporate Magician of choice for the Washington Redskins and has had the distinct honor of being a repeat performer for the U.S. Army, Coast Guard, and even the FBI. Otherwise, he specializes as a corporate event magician. When he’s not performing for these groups, he loves performing up and down the East Coast, sharing his unique mix of beatboxing, mentalism, original magic, and above all, comedy with as many people as possible. He truly loves what he does and it will surely show when you see him perform.

How did it Start?

Growing up, Chris lived in a neighborhood with 36 kids. His bus only went to his bus stop and one other very small stop to pick up children before the bus was full. Living in such a lively community made it difficult to be the center of attention. In order to make friends in this neighborhood, Chris created fast-paced magic tricks to quickly wow the other children. Destined to become a Corporate Magician, Chris became increasingly better at magic and learned how to manage an audience, established magical ideas for corporate events, and keep their attention while performing at the bus stop each day.

Once in high school, Chris performed his first-ever magic show. He wanted to get enough money to get a prom ticket for a girl he had a crush on and so he rented out a local coffee shop and put on a show. Even though his first ever show was a complete disaster, he fell in love with being on the stage and was determined to become a success.

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