Being a successful and famous magician, author, and full-time social media influencer, Chris has helped to create content for many renowned magicians like Justin Flom and Julius Dein. This article is basically a practical guide by Chris Mike on how to become a desired celebrity brand that people are willing to invest in and throw money at. Chris has worked for renowned companies and the biggest content creation campaigns and platforms; even a single video of his has gained more than 100 million views. During Covid, Chris wanted to do something productive so he figured out the best way to catch up and make up the lost ground would be to grow his online presence.  He started with 3k followers but within 30 days, he gained a family of 30k followers which has now hit up to 93k on Instagram alone.

Here are 3 major tips that will be covered in this article to help you make a brand and make you a master in building a massive following on social media:

1- Understand the Social Part of Social Media

When you start to work on social media, the first most important thing is to capture the attention of the audience/followers you already have. This is the first step that will help you grow. “These social media platforms are supposed to be a dopamine machine”, says Chris. You must use them in the best possible way to make people feel good about themselves and also cheer them up. According to Chris, “Community is where this battle is won or lost!” One can not excel without having a strong community of followers. Chris has also given some useful examples in his video to make the point clearer.

2- Consistent and Courageous Content

According to Chris, you will be making a deadly mistake if you are not being consistent. Even if you are not being creative, your consistency to post on your social media platforms will gain you lots of followers. You can start by posting something that you always wanted to but never could maybe because of time constraints or some other reason. You can think about what is something that you do differently than others, and then you can post that. It isn’t necessary to be creative at the start, all you have to do is a document. After some time, you can start narrowing it down and then check analytics. 

3- Giving vs Asking

One of the most important things to keep your followers interested is to give them attention. Your audience will keep on following and supporting you as long as you are offering them something rewarding or interesting. You have to win their loyalty and tell them that they are special. You should be doing something of mutual benefit for your followers and make sure to choose your content with care and create a story. Focus on creating a community that you desire and the one that is loyal to you. This will take you far, Chris promises!


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