Many people are seen posting videos on their social media platforms. Some of these videos get viral while others struggle for viewership. For those who are annoyed because of less viewership and can’t make their content go viral, Chris Michael is giving 101 Crash Course tips on how to make interesting videos that can go viral.

1- Maintain a Balance Between Educational Content and Entertainment Content

The most important thing in making a video that can go viral according to Chris is that your video should be interesting and worthy of sharing. Chris mike quotes that “People come on social media and they watch videos for two things; to be entertained or to be educated”. Anything other than this will make them scroll past your video. But you need to create a balance between these two things so you can create a quality video. Therefore, it’s better to make videos based on either one of them.

2- Short Form Content and Long-Form Content Platforms

There are a lot of platforms available for video posting and according to Chris, choosing a platform for short term video and long term video content is important. A short video must not be longer than 3 minutes and should be based on interesting content. Tiktok, Instagram reels, and WhatsApp are ideal platforms for posting short videos. For the long-form content Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are the right platforms. Longer content should be posted once a week but according to Chris the key to making a video viral is the time of posting.

3- Focus on Current Trends

Chris Michael suggests that following the trends is very important. Something trendy would catch the attention of the audience and will definitely become a huge hit. Chris suggests that making videos on music or something related to celebrities can boost the views of your video. You can also make lifestyle videos in which you can show new cars, houses, etc. as they can get the attention of people.

4- Spontaneous Videos as a Magician

As a magician, Chris believes that it takes only 3 seconds for people to decide whether they will watch your video or not. Thinking something out of the box is very important and something spontaneous will be eye catchy for the audience. As a magician, you should be confident and public places can give you a lot of views. Bringing quality tricks is important but the most important thing is the reaction of the people. So, keep your audience challenged and engaged.


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